Person who is promised money and never receives it.See Con Man,crook, thief,BS artist.
D was supposed to pay me for money owed over 6 months ago.Derrick goes on a grandeur vacation and then cries poverty.He Marshalled everyone for thier money that was owed to them.
Did you get paid? No I got "Marshalled"
by Treehouse Bahr September 04, 2005
Top Definition
taking off from a group without saying anything. you don't say goodbye or explain yourself, and you never look back at them. you just start walking fast, or even jogging or sprinting, and you leave everyone behind.
we were walking to the sky train after denny's, and one of the guys just sprinted away. we didn't see him the rest of the day. we got MARSHALLED.
by Leo P. December 15, 2007
When an NFL wide receiver (but most notably Brandon Marshall, all 6-5 230 lbs. of him) steps on the face of or in general destroys the defensive back (or other defender) who is covering him after he catches the ball. And subsequently takes it into the endzone.
"Brandon Marshall is a defensive lineman playing wide receiver," Kansas City Chiefs cornerback Brandon Flowers said. "He wants to inflict punishment on you. He wants you to try to tackle him so he can shove you off of him and get more yards." So in short, Brandon Flowers has been Marshalled
by DragonHunterAceEagleFire January 01, 2011
a married guy that cruises chat rooms looking for single women. He will usually say that his wife cheats and sniff sniff, why dont you suck my cock since my wife is doing that to someone else or baby oh baby. I love you so much and lets ass fuck since my wife quit having sex with me years ago.
The married guy usually has to find a new loser every two years.
Hey ! Did you hear about Lawrence. That guy got some new pussy by marshalling some chick by telling her the wife cheats, I will marry are such a fox....this is fate. HA HA...he marshalled her ass all right. She swallows that cum. she gives up that pussy cheap.
by been there, done that December 06, 2005
when a good friend tells your girlfriend that you will only cause her heartache or anguish. cause for revocation of guy license. angry girlfriend gives intense backrub
guy friend corners your girl and talks shit about you and tries to get her to like him by putting you down. that is being marshalled
by babckrubgirl January 10, 2010
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