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The politically correct way to describe a man that regularly inserts his penis into another man's anus
"Gee Frank, Timmy doesn't walk so good anymore"
"He must have met a Marmite Miner"
by Badlydrawnduck October 22, 2006
someone who would partake in anal intercourse with other men, "mining for marmite" with their penis
john loves to take it up the ass, he's a marmite miner
by hacksore March 19, 2003
a 'crafty butcher who takes his meat illegally round the backdoor'
one who partakes in the art of 'uphill gardening', 'fudge packing'
by Anonymous March 17, 2003
One who likes to mine for Marmite in another man's arse.
RnR is a Marmite Miner with Dusty
by OMK Fatomanu March 22, 2003
Used to describe people having anal sex. After sex, The man pulls out his penis, and, if he has shit on it, he is called a "Marmite Miner". Can be shortened to "MM".(Double M)

Marmite Mining: You either love it or you hate it!

Sorry for the rudeness of this post.
"Person 1 puts dick in Persons 2 anal. Then pulls it back out."
Person 2: God, been Marmite mining again have we?
person 1: Wash your arse next time! I hate to be a Marmite Miner.
by DJ Daz and Siliconwolf September 24, 2006
A member of the same sex that puts from the rough.
Marc was a MarmiteMiner that frequently tried to enter the ass off many pigs
by Matt Whalley November 14, 2003
similar to these words. turd burgalar beef smokerass pirate queer bummer ass bandit

A sexual reference to anal sex and those who practice it.
Guy 1:That guy is definately straight.
Guy2: no he is marmite miner for sure.
by Aaron Bostrom February 07, 2007
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