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Noun: A disease named after Mark G from Westcliff in Essex, characterised by long boughts of lapsed concentration.

Often found in combination with Markinsons Disease or after heavy consumption of Markotics
"We wont be getting much done now, he's really suffering from Markolepsy today"
by Michael A A February 07, 2008
Condition wherein the stated objective is to work but being un-able to do so from a severe lack of concentration brought on by a lack of caffeine and an addiction to magazines.
Tom was supposed to write up his report last night but a case of markolepsy kept him from finishing it.
by Jason July 31, 2004
A condition whereby the sufferer falls asleep at will but is unable to re-engage brain quickly. The ability to sleep in any position or situation for a staggering amount of time. Often people with this condition will appear to be awake until you need to elicit some kind of response from them when you realise that they have been asleep the whole time with their eyes open.
Hey is that dude dead in that chair over there?

Nah, he just suffers from Markolepsy.......

Can you believe I just told that dude my whole life story and he just stared at me?!

Ah he's not ingoreing you, he suffers from Markolepsy....
by BarryBoyGenius October 02, 2011
A controlled form of narcolepsy. A sleep disorder that causes frequent daytime sleep attacks in any free moment. Most often occurring after 5 minutes in a moving vehicle, breaks at work. or at a bar with incredibly loud bands playing.
" hey dude wake up, we have a show to play."
"sorry man. you know i have markolepsy."
by twrex408 January 09, 2012

A physiological condition in which the affected individual’s nervous system in inundated with alcohol resulting in the individual falling asleep in a public place, such as a bar or party. The only known treatment is to ‘Mark’ at the individual in hopes that they become responsive.
Bar patron 1 “What happened to him?”

Bar patron 2 “Oh, he just has Markolepsy.”

Bar patron 1 “Did you try to ‘Mark’ at him yet?”

Bar patron 2 “MARK! {pause} MARK! {pause} MARK!”

Mark “zzz”

Bar patron 1 “He’s done.”
by Glenn Smith2 December 21, 2010
when the bartender passes out drunk. Usually this is followed by the bar closing way too early
"This bartender has markolepsy. I keep having to wake him up to get a drink."
by phenomonalwang March 24, 2007
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