Term used to describe any sellout from the various urban subcultures, such as skateboarding and underground music, but especially from the graffiti artist community.

Broader use can indicate a rich fake of any sort trying to be ghetto or otherwise cool.

Namesake of Mark Ecko, former NYC graffiti artist who faked the tagging of Air Force One in widely-distributed online video hoax.

See also: Fraud
See also: Poseur, Poser, Posing
Speaker #1: Man, Jonesy just got hired to decorate some poof's studio loft with tags.
Speaker #2: Fucking Mark Ecko.
by Col. Dr. April 24, 2006
Top Definition
A man who made a fortune off of graffiti. He raped graffiti for all its worth and now he's a millionaire.

--Keep graffiti away for the mainstream. Keep it away from MTV.
If you started writeing graffiti or want to start writeing graffiti, stop now. Don't ever start, graffiti is not cool, it's lame. Stop now and leave graffiti to the graffiti writers.--
Now fuck off.
Mark Ecko was was never a real graffiti writer.
by anonymous815 August 06, 2006
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