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Really a great game that didn't get the publicity or recognition it deserved for two main reasons; it's just bad publicity for any store to advertise a game about graffiti, and the sad fact that since he helped fund it, Mark Ecko has his name plastered throughout the game. This simple fact turned off almost the entire subculture it was really designed for.

The basic plot line is that Trane, the main character, is an unknown in the heavily prosecuted graffiti underworld of New Radius city, he is soon sucked into a world of government conspiracy and must expose the truth through the uncensored medium of graffiti.

The game features a number of graff legends (voiced by themselves) from Cope2 to the social experiment OBEY. Each legend also has a background log into your black book
Guy1: Hey, you play Mark Ecko's Getting Up yet?

Guy2: No man that fucker Ecko's all over it beginning to end.

Guy1: Sad but true, still, if you can look past that it really is a great game.

Guy2: Alright, I'll try it, but I'm not spendin' $10 on it, I'm borrowing it from you.
by Ihaveposters April 29, 2008

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