Simply definition, the best 4 years you will ever live.
Marist College is for anyone who wants to live the stereotypical college life of Van Wilder or an Animal House beer loving, girl doing macho man
by RedFox'er February 03, 2010
Top Definition
A college in New York attended primarily by white, preppy rich kids from New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut who were popular and social in highschool, making everyone at Marist stuck up and crazy. Located in the sketchy town of Poughkeepsie, commonly called Po-town by Marist students. A Marist student can be identified as a Polo shirt wearing, SUV driving, partier.
Dude, my collar's popped and my ID's fake, let's go to the bar cuz we're Marist students!
by Jenn November 17, 2004
Located in sketchy Po-town, Marist seems to be the nicest thing there. Walking around the perfectly cut grass of the campus green with the crazy squirrels, one may see an array of guys with popped collars with baseball hats half off their head. Girls in ugg boots. Also completing the outfit is the ipod, tucked under the shirt, while walking to class so one can listen to 2.3 minutes of music. With 1/3 of the school being from long island (which i guess is the "superior" place to be) then the rest from conn, upperstate NY, new jersey, new england or other. 4 days at LEAST a student will go out to a club/bar/frat and party...and get up for an 8am class.
At Marist College, save a balloon. pop a collar.
by FOXY LADY July 08, 2006
A truly awesome school. Despite its location in the depressed city of Poughkeepsie, NY, Marist is still the shit. Marist students are known for being able to balance schoolwork and partying. A really chill school with great people and a great campus. Anyone who badmouths or disses Marist is probably pissed because they either couldn't get into the school, or are just too dumb to go there. Marist students can be found at many locations in town like Hatters, Backstreet, Rennies, and The Chance. If you're looking for a great time and the true college experience, come to Marist. It's the best four years of your life, so make the most of it.
Marist College was the best experience of my life
by danklord69 March 21, 2011
A school that supposedly has high academic standards but whose average student can watch 12 straight hours of "Punk'd" on MTV, and often will. A Marist student can be identified by a glowing orange tan (in January), thickly gelled hair, Abercrombie t-shirt that says "I paid 30 dollars for this shirt" on it, and "P-I-M-P" by 50 cent as their cellphone ringtone.
Did Nick Lachey go to Marist?
by Dennis Murray January 23, 2005
An (un)educational place with lots of pretty girls to look at and for the price of two drinks at the bar you can touch too. Every dormitory has at least four drug dealers who are just trying to be good guys, or girls. You come here if you have some money and you want to have a good time.
I partied like marist college last night bitches
by one red fox May 13, 2005
A stuck up, rich kid college in Poughkeepsie, NY. Where 3 out of every 5 girls is know for having an STD and was recently rated one of the WORST colleges to go to for 'unexplained reasons'.
Guy 1: 'Yo I partied with this chick who goes to Marist College last night and fucked her.'
Guy 2: 'Hahaha you probably have herpes now, dumb fuck.'
by stfu dumb cunt December 13, 2010
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