In japan it is a type of ball
but in characters it means hometown and truth
it would be said as hometown truth
So your name is mari meaning hometown truth..thats lame.
by darkamikaze October 07, 2006
Top Definition
A Male version of Paris Hilton.

M(ale) + (p)ARIS = MARIS

Marises are spoiled little male prima donnas, never having worked a day in their lives, always getting bailed out by Mommy and Daddy. They tote around small dogs, think life revolves around their imagined social status, and are intellectually challenged.

Most Marises are so self absorbed that they think they are the shit, the be all and end all, not having the slightest inkling that everyone else has absolutely no respect for them.
"<insert name here> is such a wannabe big shot Maris. He tried to talk his way into the front of the line, but the bouncer had no idea who he was."
by Von Man August 12, 2009
one of the prettiest, smartest, cutest, evil, caring, creative, talented, true punk, psycho, rioting, magic-weilding, sick acting, cute fat cheeks, puts-a-smile-on-my-face, amazing and most beautiful girls ever. actually.. the only one of her kind.
hey uh... mari. you're pretty.
by pip July 01, 2003
The most gorgeous, amazing, sweet, cute, adorable, funny, intelligent, stunning, overall perfect girl in the world. She is legitly the the most beautiful girl in the world. Her flawless face and her amazing blue eyes makes me smile everyday. I love this girl and if anyone fucks with her then you're a dead man. she pretty much makes every girl jealous with how stunning and perfect she is and brings all the boys to the yard. lol. no girl could ever come close to replacing this girl or ever being better. this angel is perfect or the closest any girl to get to it. love you precious angel
Mari i wish you were here to hang out
by Canadaboy135 November 02, 2010
The kind of lapdancing that is performed in such an intoxicated state, it ceases to be sexy. Might even lead to guys asking the performer of the maris dance to please sit down. The maris tends to turn off even the most horny drunk guy. It involves swaying rather than shaking, and and might be performed a couple of meters off from the intended location.
*girl gets up, starts drunkenly moving her hips from side to side, in a way she believes to be seductive, 3 meters away from the male supposedly receiving the lapdance*

-5 seconds of awkward silence-

Party People: It's okay, you can sit down now.
Whispers: What a maris
by monchis February 14, 2008
Mari is a very nice, outgoing girl. She loves sports especially soccer and falls for black haired boys. Her beautiful green-brown eyes represent her beauty. She doesn't know how beautiful she is until you tell her to her face. Maybe gets jealous of her friends sometimes but that doesn't ruin their relationship. Speaking of friends she has very many that love her to death. She'll do anything to help someone out in the toughest times. She loves helping elders and wants to work around something in the building scheme. If you ever meet someone with the name Mari, be sure to keep these words in mind.
Mari is a beautiful young lady.
by J Cunge February 04, 2012
a girl who trys not to be bitchy but has her moments. shes mostly a social butterfly, but can be a bit on the shy side, and usually is. she tends to "mother" people. she actually cares whether or not she says she does or not. she normally doesnt trust people to easy, she writes poetry,collects rocks and seashells. she loves football,soccer,and dodgeball. she absolutly loves the ocean and would do anything for it. shes smart, and adores music. shes great with kids,plants, and animals. she wants to be a vet. she absolutly detests people who call her beautiful or tell her they love her and dont actually mean it. she has an abhorance for people who lie, especially to her. she also very blunt and truthful.
i would know all this because i am mari!!! so :P!!!!!
by texangirl:) April 02, 2011
A girl with a very kind heart. One who loves dogs almost as much as she loves to laugh. She's always carrying around a smile. She's sexy, athletic, fashionable, and loves to brush her teeth. They aren't the fastest of people but will hold her own in a race. She tends to be a bit obsessed with boots and sweet tea. They are very good students and creative writers. You would be lucky to come acrost these unique adorable lovable caring girls
A Maris is a girl who you may come to meet one day if you are lucky enough.
by applelover33 October 05, 2011
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