When something has transcended the boundaries that are normally set for "awesome". It is referred to as "mari".
"Hey brah, did you see that movie?"

"F*ck yeah man, it was hella Mari."
by LavaCakes January 19, 2013
Acronym: Mysterious alcohol related injury
X: What the hell happened to your hand????
XX: I have no clue! I got wasted last night and pretty much just woke up with this M.A.R.I....
by Mark Chamberland January 21, 2007
Weird, but smart awkward girl. She tends to fall for Mexicans. She is short, athletic, with big boobs. She doesn't have sex with the guy until special occassion... or not at all. She is an overall evil beautiful girl who is ready to be active if you get what I mean
Damn Mari is fine
by fuckher10002 February 09, 2013
A M.a.r.i. is a mysterious alcohol related incident.
M.A.R.I. -pronounced as (mary).You go out drinking one night and you get a little drunk. The next morning you wake up and something is sore. You check your body out and you have a huge bruise or cut in a strange area. You try to remember this happening at some point last night and just can't figure it out. You are diagnosed with a M.A.R.I..
by Tattooed Lady Luck July 09, 2009
The act of sudden, random violence against an inanimate object after losing one's temper with said object. Primarily involves inflicting massive damage, usually with an axe or other suitable weapon, but may also include defecating in/on the object in question afterwards.
He lost his temper then Maris'ed his car right up
by Razorjack September 30, 2010
The hawwtest mama on the planet. Part of the explosive group with Mia, Ashley, Jade, etc. When people see her, it's just like WOAH..
Girl 1: Have you seen Mari today?
Girl 2: AHHH! Don't even mention her name, it blows my mind.
by MClikeaboss May 31, 2013
Men's pants that are longer than shorts, but shorter than pants. Capri's. Man capri's.
What is he wearing? It's like capri's for men.
Oh, those are Mari's.
by Raaaach May 03, 2007

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