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Sliding on your butt, on a preferably wet and snowy hill, racing your friends to the bottom.
Tyla slid on her butt to the bottom, perfecting the Mariokarting slide.
by BobdaBuilderr November 03, 2009
Mario Karting:

Mario Karting can be observed when an individual attempts to drive a vehicle while under the influence of various narcotics & is most commonly associated with "candy flipping".

Although LSD & MDMA are the base ingredients for a true Mario Karting experience this can be further enhanced by adding to the mix such marvels as Valium, Nitrous Oxide & Marijuana Leaf - this list is not exhaustive.
Jimmy thought it'd be a good idea to go Mario Karting after a wild night out. He turned up the dial on his stereo & decided on some filthy ragga jungle for the ride. The tunes were banging & the roads were swerving but Jimmy thought he was doing just fine. His foot was down & with him bearing down on the destination he was seeking all of a sudden out of nowhere... WHAM. Poor Jimmy became the "Madcapped Parked Car Killer Man".
by Devastez July 05, 2011