1. A latin person who is either a wrestler, a moron or a homosexual.

2. A hairstyle worn by latin persons that involves the use of copious amounts of Jheri Curl
The school board decided to place me on the Mario Lopez bus.

I went to Supercuts and asked for the Mario Lopez.
by Dustin Diamond July 08, 2004
Top Definition
the only tool from saved by the bell who does not seem to age
Mario Lopez is fucking 36 years old and he still looks like a little kid!!!!!!!!!! ,no joke
i bet when he goes clubbing the bartender still ask's him for i.d
by TiTyRon December 08, 2009
There are some that act like tools.

There are some that have some qualities that may be tool-like.

There are some that try way, way, too hard.

And then there is Mario Lopez.
by WorkSux November 27, 2008
1) The total DB from Saved By the Bell (R) and America's Best Dance Crew (R), was also featured on the cover of Muscle and Body (R) Magazine. Is a total flaming homosexual(denying it of course) but still shines himself up, works out way too much, has freakishly huge dimples, has greasy Clark Kent hair, talks with a slight lisp, is a complete toolbag/toolbelt, uses terms and words he shouldn't be using, is the whitest latino man in the world. Also is in love with JC Chasez.

2) anybody who shares any of the traits listed above.
Normal person 1: "Dude, you know that fruitcup that works over at the gas station?"
Normal person 2: "The one who is a total Douchie McGee with the huge muscles?"
Person 1:"And wears those see-through mesh tank tops?"
Person 2:"Yeah"
Person 1:"Isn't he a total Mario Lopez?"
Person 2:"Yea!"
by dhawk123 March 07, 2009
Someone who will just show up to anything, regardless of how embarrassing.
Eddie Murphy is totally the Mario Lopez of bad cartoon voice-overs.
by xleahx March 09, 2010
!. Awesome
2. The though guy on saved by the bell.
3. A pimp
4. An actor on nip/tuck.
" Yo homie I'm bout to mario lopez on that fine girl over by the bar."

" Awww yeah I'm feelin like mario lopez today, tell your mom I said what up!"
"Mario Lopez used to punk down preppie all day."
"Mario Lopez is on nip/tuck acting like a beeitch, that's out of character for him!"
"I think Mario Lopez hit Eva Longoria whenher miate husband goes out of town, I bet they spend his cash together."
by kingpdoucler November 28, 2009
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