The essential struggle for millions of today's people. There are pros and cons to legalizing marijuana, but when weighed against each other the legal marijuana always wins. One of the biggest benefits, in my opinion, is the fact that people will not have to buy weed from gangs, and terrorists. Plus the fact that we as a country (which is a term forgotten these days) will make billions every year in taxes and commerce. This is a time where all current methods of making money are exhausted and only those who can look at the big picture and make decisions will survive. The biggest disadvantage that I can think of is that the population as a whole will probably become even more obese. That's a matter of personal responsibility( another term people forgot)
Me: Dude, did you hear? Marijuana Legalization finally went through!

Some Guy: *Head-a-Splode*
by whats popping? May 03, 2010

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