Top Definition
a very sweet girl
has a great personality and is really pretty.
is genuine about everything and anything.
has a warm and welcoming heart. everyone loves maribel.
she is just like maribel, sweet and kind.
by jaybee09 April 02, 2009
a girl that is sweet and loving, badass at times, pretty,cute,funny,and really popular. Everyone want to be her friend. Lots of guys usually go for her or stare at her.
Maribel is so cool!
by choco.sick March 26, 2010
She is a very pretty, E V I L and funny young Lady. sometimes dark. or REALLY dark. Some one you can always have a laugh with and just have a good time. Does not hold back their opinion and is all about real talk.
-"Hey Maribel, Can i hug you?"
"No, Touch me and I'll Punch you!"
"Love You :) "
by Rixieee and Monooo April 05, 2013
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