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1)noun- A large, forceful, and otherwise terrifying person; a giant (8'11" maximum).
2)verb- "to Margar"- to become angry; to stomp around and threaten (often with a machete)in a generally good natured but scary way.
1)When she wore her platform combat boots, she looked like a Margar.

2)When he told me he wasn't going to make me dinner, I went all Margar on him.

by abby normal October 07, 2007
1. short form of margarita
"Hey want to go out for a pitcher of margars?"

Note: can be compounded with "par" which is a short form of "party."
Example: "Hey man. I'm having a margarpar. You wanna come? Can you bring the chips?"
by AndSometimesY November 06, 2007
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