It's Life.
It's Hard work.
A family, yea we fight with each other, but if someone outside the group messes with one of us, they're going down.
The reason for long bus rides on Saturday's. =)
More Hard Working than the football team!!
It's a sport, get over it.
Guy-Where were you at Saturday?
Girl-I was at the band competion that was 2 hours away. You know marching band is my life.
by DM Chica24 August 20, 2007
something that you love despite the fact that it consumes your whole life and that its basically a living hell.

its where you will have your greatest moments of your life. you meet the most perverted, funny people there that will be your friends for the rest of your life.

so pretty much besides all the fun you be having with the people you will have to know how to march. it A LOT harder than it looks. you have to think about so many things at once and it gets very, very confusing.

its very hard for the fresh man to learn how to march, and then you have to play and make little designs on the field too?

most freshman don't actually play while marching, just so they can actually march.

its a high school activity you will actually enjoy despite the confusion.

you love it so much you even like to march in the mud, rain, and the blazing hot sun at band camp.

you will learn to appreciate the dirty things in life, trust me.

you will love getting naked in front of everybody.

you will love the uniforms, no matter how many buttons and zippers they have.

you will have a family you actually like.

the band works harder than the football team, win more awards, and probably have more fun.

the best way to make friends your freshman year.

its a big group of amazing hilarious (yet perverted) people who can march in step, following a drill chart, while either playing music or spinning a flag/rifle/sabre

its One of the hardest sports that is often overlooked. yes, its a sport, get over it.

its pretty much one large family with lots of incest. Made up of the band, the drum majors, the band director, the colorguard and the, usually very hot, drumline.

it may be an excuse for not doing homework.

band members are subject to hear such phrases from the band director as...

1. "feet on the beat, feet on the beat"
3. "that's not attention!!!"
4. "this is a marching band, NOT a walking band!!"
5. "keep those bells up!! you're not waiting for a bus!!"
6. "left! left! left!"
7. "this is a fight song, not a lullaby!!!"
8. "come on, row that boat!!!"
9. "posture people, POSTURE!!!!"
10. "ARRGH!!!!" (and other crazy-pirate sounding yells)

in addition, students may hear various words and/or phrases from other students, such as yelling, chanting, and various profanities

better definition:

1. What people see: A group of people who devote every minute of every day to memorizing music and learning routines. They spend hours doing nothing on a bus to competition, work their asses off, sweat a TON, and get back on the bus. They sit on the bus being tired, sore, and unable to breathe because of the smell.
People wonder why we do it.

2. What really goes on: A huge family of band people spend their free time memorizing music and learning routines, with much cussing and perverted comments in between. They spend hours on a bus playing truth or dare, laughing, joking, sleeping, and making out against windows. They perform in HOT uniforms, sweat to death, but can't help but smile as they listen to the roar of the crowd. They climb, exhausted, back onto the bus, where they proceed to throw full water bottles at each other and have chugging contests. Many people sleep, and wake up soaking wet. Others continue to make out and play truth or dare, all while stripping, and in the case of the girls, sitting around in sports bras. They go home, sleep for 24 hours straight, and wake up eager to do it all again.

One band member in the marching band says, "You know, I actually DO have a life outside of band." The others look at him, look at each other, then one screams "Blasphemer!" and they all chase the rogue out of the bandroom.

"NO, I'M NOT MARCHING DOWN THE HALLWAY!" "ooh... well maybe i am"

"Band Ten' Hut (BOOM)......Band Horns Up (AND UP)......Mark Time Mark Lift Left - Left - Left Right Left -- Left - Left - Left Right Left......Forward March And......"

by bdizzlemuhnizzle July 29, 2008
1. The most awesome sport on the planet...and NOBODY can deny it's a sport. We work so much harder than the football team...especially in the 90 degree summer heat for like 8 hours a day. Then once school starts, playing pre game, post game, and half time shows on friday nights, then going out to Pizza hut with the rest of the band until like 1 AM...then waking up for a competition the next day. TOTALLY more hard core than football.
2. The most awesome place to meet's basically like the giant marching band family. If you know people, great. You'll meet more. If you don't know people, you can't help knowing people by the end of the first couple days of practice. Then you see them all every day except sunday for the entirety of the season
3. The origin of the awesomest inside jokes that you and other band people will laugh at for years
4. The perfect way to find your inner hard core-ness. (haha.) But seriously, it starts to get painful...then when it's over you go brag about how painful it was
5. A group of students with basically no life besides band. You've got band camp, then practice every day after school, then a football game, competition or saturday practice like every weekend throughout the season...not really any time for a life.
1. *During band camp* It's so hot out...i want lunch
*After band camp* Band camp was so awesome!!!!
2. "Hey. Why are you sitting all by yourself? you look lonely. come sit with us."
3. "The sandwich isn't plastic, so I'm gonna eat it now..."
4. My back is killing me from holding up my mellophone...
5. Normal person: Are you going to the fling?
Me: no...I have a marching band show on friday and i have rehearsal on saturday...
by AwesomeBandGeek September 07, 2007
1. The one thing that can both give you a life, and totally take it away at the same time.
2. Where "one more time" actually means 57439204 more times.
3. The most accomplished, but least appreciated team in the whole school.
4. The only time it's legal for an elder to demand a group of kids to "finger correctly" and "blow harder".
5. When EVERYTHING is a sexual referance.
6. When your closest friends and boyfriend/girlfriend are in the band. And ONLY in the band.
7. The only place it's possible to be singing "The Wheels on the Bus" during a trip while a couple is doing inappropriate things under a blanket in the best seats.
8. When you can fall asleep even with the drumline hacking on the back of your headrest.
9. When you spend more time in the band room than in your own home, or anywhere else for that matter. In fact, you just go down there to hang out and get passes out of classes to "practice for districts."
10. The best thing anyone could possibly be a part of in the world. Period.
1. non-band person - "Can you do anything tonight?"
band person - "No.. I have band practice.. YAY!"
2. band director - "Alright let's reset that one more, guys!"
(many times later..)
"Alright guys, I mean it this time."
(more times later..)
"Okay seriously, we've got it for real this time.."
3. *school announcements*
"Last night our football team lost a game 0-693465. Good effort, team! We know you'll get them next week! Spanish Club is to meet in room 203 after school tonight. Oh, and not to mention our band had some kinda thing goin' on last night and won something or something.. Also, I have a hangnail.."
4. band director- "Alright everyone, I need you to really get those fingers moving and I need you to blow plenty hard!"
5. band director- "Stop messing around and get that thing in your mouth!"
band kids - *snicker, snicker*
6. band kid - "My bestfriends, boyfriend and I are all gonna go to Bobby's house tonight and watch last year's DCI Finals DVD! I can't wait!"
7. band kid - "I heard Suzy and Tommy were getting it on in the back of the bus while we were singing band songs."
8. drummer - *hackhackhackhackhackhack*
band kid - *undisturbed sleeping*
9. band kid - "Hey Mr. So&So, can I get a pass to go practice for districts?"
Mr So&So - "Sure Billy! Golly gee, you band kids are so responsible!"
(in the band room)
10. band kids - "Marching band is AWESOME!"
by ohappyday September 13, 2009
the only after school activity with long, dark, coed bus rides
Yo, why the hell is the marching band so lucky. They get coed bus rides in the dark.
by Anny122 December 01, 2008
n. and adj.

Marching band, simply, is a group of people who play certain types of musical instruments - notably, brass, woodwinds, drums/percussion - and march with them.

Some marching bands are comprised of people who have written these other Urban Dictionary definitions. Some marching bands are comprised of people who are offended by these other Urban Dictionary definitions, which in either case are describing far more than simply marching band.

Marching band, as a genre, is not limited by the season of the year; school, organization or community membership; age of the individual performer; musical selections or styles; and most obviously, level of devotion, values, character, focus, as well as hype or other nonsense. Just as there are good and bad performances, there are good and bad marching bands and good and bad members and players. All of these variables are determined by the individual marching band's membership, requirements and leadership/organization (or lack).

The general reader is advised to learn about marching band from people who are excited about marching and the playing of musical instruments, and ignore input from those who need or prefer to focus on other alleged characteristics.

Marching band instrumentation became focused on the three instrument classes of brass, woodwinds and percussion due to the combination of increased portability, durability and ability to be heard both indoors and outdoors. There are other sorts of instruments - notably strings, such as violins and guitars, and larger percussive instruments, such as pianos and harps, which are welcome in indoor orchestra halls but never became popular as a part of bands due to problems with durability and portability. Woodwinds are an instrument class which are sometimes eliminated from marching bands for these reasons, and such marching bands are more properly termed brass bands due to being comprised solely of brass and drums/percussion. Alternatively, woodwinds are often valued by other marching bands, whether due to the quality of their indoor woodwind players, their contributions to the total sound of the band in all settings, the desire to be inclusive to all members, or combination thereof. Such outdoor portability and performance utility no doubt contributed throughout history to the formation of what we know as a band, which can perform well both indoors and outdoors without a large scale change of instrumentation.

Marching band was developed by people who played instruments indoors who wished to play and perform outdoors, as well as people united by other interests and associations who chose playing band instruments as an activity. Examples of the former are musicians who play trumpet, saxophone, drums, etc.; examples of the latter include fraternal organizations and businesses (such as those who built the British brass band movement in the 1800s, or those seeking a method to advertise their name such as the USA's Goodyear Community Band).

"Marching" can range from a group of individuals merely walking together to the most perfectly uniform and military-styled precision, in step and in time with the music. The term "marching" is sometimes misused to signify other forms of outdoor performance.

In addition to the music makers, marching bands may have auxiliary units such as drill teams, dance squads, honor guards, color guards and other sections associated with them. These other sections may or may not be considered an integral part of the marching band, again depending upon the individual marching band.
Marching bands have developed in most countries over the past two centuries as a way to provide live music to listeners, both indoors and outdoors.
by songspirit May 19, 2006
The only sport where no one sits on the sidelines.
wear all the hott guys are.
the best damn thing in my life¢¾
when we win we sing the pussy cat song...its the best part and makes you feel complete.
and everytime we win we storm the feild.
by Marchin_girly_66 April 17, 2007
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