The worst thing that ever happened to life.

aka: death
"I hate marching band so much it makes me want to puke"-Cassie

"Well we hate it so much that we want to die" -Meghan and Jackie
by jlawlzm August 07, 2009
Gay as dump.
Marching band is gay.
by Jewsopher January 05, 2010
Exactly what the word implies. A band that marches, usually in formation, on a football field.

I have played Trumpet and Violin, I have been in jazz band, and I have watched my schools marching band practice. We have over 200 members and are near top in the country. (Fairmont Highschool). This being said I will begin my rant.

Marching Band takes skill and time and I respect it's members but it is NOWHERE near as demanding as football. I have heard the "8 hour practices in the 90 degree weather a month before school starts" stuff. Football is a year round sport. During the summer (the WHOLE summer), players practice in full pads sometimes more than twice a day, every day. Players take brutal hits and must always be on top of their assignments. If you have not played on a football team then you will not understand the vast knowledge of the game and mental/physical toughness it takes to be a football player. There are hundreds of plays and dozens of formations that every player is expected to know. The work football players do makes the Marching Band look laughable. Just face it Marching Band kids, you do not work harder than football kids. The only thing you have on football is that you can play instruments while marching in formation.

The truth hurts doesnt it?

This definition will have tons of thumbs down which just goes to show how every overzealous band member can't just admit that there ARE in fact people that work harder than them.
Mr. Marching Band Member: Oh my god, marching band was sooooo hard today! We had to practice for 8 hours in the 90 degree weather. One of our coaches got mad at us and made us run FIVE 20 YARD SPRINTS!

Mr. Football Player: Really? I had a hard day too. We had to be at the field at 6:00 a.m. for a 2 hour lifting and conditioning session. We came back at 12 and practiced for 3 hours in full pads. We put in 15 new plays and 3 new formations but our offensive linemen kept jumping off sides so our coaches made us run 100 yard sprints until we puked. Three of our players passed out from heat exhaustion. We had a one hour break and then had another practice session. Well, I better go, I have to get up at 5:45 tomorrow.
by Shopezor August 04, 2008
it sucks. i was in it for four years. It takes up all your damn time and all the girls are fat and disgusting and annoying. not "hot".

Man, that girl looks like a straight up mule!!

yeah, she's in marching band.
by Trevurrr January 10, 2008
A smelly bunch of malcontent teenagers and/or college kids wearing sweaty, ass-scented wool and polyester uniforms running around a football field in silly, often phallic formations, tooting horns and making stupid jokes about fingerings and positions. No one thats anyone likes marching band, and anyone that says they do doesn't have a life.
When in the marching band of Nathan Bedford Forrest High, George W. Bush did lines of coke off the slutty colorguard girls' asses.
by mcdizzy March 24, 2007

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