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1 definition by Band-nerd666

1.Best Sport Ever
2.Hard as Hell
3.Bus rides are epik
4.One real big family, with incest involved
5.The Band Hall is your Second Home
6.Where you learn how to play an insterment WHILE moving
7.Perveted convos
8.Where you change on the Band Bus or infront of everyone in the slot room
9.Where Band Camp is the highlight of your summer
10.Where the director yells at you every change he gets
11.Where you are pround to be called a Band NERD
'Being in the marching band is just like football, except backwards and while doing something complex in a weird uniform.'
'PICK UP THOSE TOES!!!' --My band director
Marching band body:
Colorguard is the Image of the show, Drumline is the heartbeat, while the Band is the Body.
by Band-nerd666 October 07, 2009