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A traditional Maori meeting house.

Here Maori's either, meet with each other, eat or sleep.

The Marae can take many different forms...
-> Marae for tourism which profits Maori, since Maori are making the money they don't mind if their culture is exploited. (Many in Rotorua)
-> Marae for eating (aka McDonalds and/or KFC)
-> Marae for sleeping (aka Prison)
-> Marae for money (aka Work and In come place {Thats where you get the benefiti New Zealand})
Maori 1 : "bruo... you wonna go get a feed from the the Marae... I mean maccas ow?!?!?!"
Maori 2 : "Cher bro.. just gota get me doll first then we'll go"

Later that day....

Maori 2 : "bro, i've always wondered why everyone in new zealand doesn't just get free money like us"
Maori 1 : "i'd say, we can afford Sky Tv, Maccas every night and all we have to give up is feeding our child"
Maori 2 : "cher bro"
by iPayMyTaxes November 18, 2009
25 8
a cunt ass whore who sleeps with any guy that has a dick.
She's slept with every guy in town! She's such a Marae.
by fuckingcunt November 17, 2006
30 39