a word use to describe the hottest guys in town, also mean to have a monstorous cock
that guy is the 'Mapp'
this guy has the mapp all the ladies want ;)
by David Bentley August 15, 2007
Top Definition
A word originating from the Supreme Court Case Mapp vs. Ohio. Because of the nature of the case, Mapp has come to mean a wide myriad of things and has come to be sort of a way of life. Most often, Mapp is used as a replacement for already existing words.
Before Madeleine blew out the candles, Cici sang her Mappy Birthday

Madeleine: Wow Marshall, you are so well dressed.
Marshall: Mapp you!
by mrsmapp May 30, 2011
A common way of referring to mobile applications.
When Steve Jobs unveiled the iPhone, the world had now changed. The days of the thick, client-side applications became numbered while the era of mapps on handheld devices began.
by kirupa December 07, 2012
Someone who has a beer belly, dates girls way younger than his age, and hasn't had his balls drop completely. He is often found hanging out at your local elementary school, waiting for his next victim.
What are you doing to that 10 year old? You are such a Mapp.
by Chocolate Rain Guy May 18, 2009
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