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A historical figure who has helped millions of students memorize the symbol for the element, Antimony.
If you find yourself stuck on remembering Antimony's symbol, think fondly of the character it is named after, Susan B. Antimony.
by kirupa March 07, 2012
A term used to describe an ambush involving bamboo shoots.
To avoid getting bamboozled, it is recommended one wear heavy armor and protective eye gear.
by kirupa March 06, 2013
Given to the use of satirical wit containing a little dash of pure evil.
No matter how hideous looking a child actually is, one must always avoid snarkastic remarks about the hideousness when around the child's parents.
by kirupa January 03, 2013
The opposite of inclusion.
Singling out any group for disclusion is discriminatory, and probably has roots in racism.
by Kirupa June 30, 2004
The happening place to catch up on the latest films with your friends. Overpriced snacks are available as well.
I am totally going early to the filmotheque tonight so that I can get great seats to see the new Twilight film.
by kirupa March 07, 2012
The act of uploading a large number of files to dropbox.
Your choice of movie timing conflicts with my weekly dropboxing.
by kirupa February 15, 2014
A micromoment is 1×10^6 of a moment (SI Standard prefix "micro" = 10^6); that is, one-millionth of a moment.
The time it takes to suck a piece of boba from a bubble tea container using the straw is exactly one micromoment.
by kirupa December 04, 2012

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