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Retard fags on CEF (Cheat Enging Forum) Who think ticking a few things and running a program is actual hacking.
MapleFag 1: plz halp, i tick meso hack and drop but I dont get money.

MapleFag 2: plz share script and I will help.
by Negima January 08, 2008
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Someone who thinks he/she is cool just because he/she plays MapleStory.
Or people who gave up their live just to play MapleStory 24/7.
(A) Hey!
(B) hey, what are you playing?
(A) Silkroad!
(B) MapleStory FTW
(A) Maplefag >.>


(A) hey, lets make party and train together!
(B) No, I'm going out and meet some friends
(A) HAH noob
(B) lol, maplefag -.-
by Nobody1337 February 17, 2008
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