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1. A type of dough-nut
2. When a girl has such huge vajayjay lips that you can seee them through her pants, and it looks like she has two maple bars side by side in her pants.
Person#1 :"wow...look at that girls crotch, her camel-toe has reached a new level."

Person#2 : "Holy shit that girl has maple bars."
by Menthol 4 lIFE April 18, 2008
The taint, the chode, the durf. That bit of skin in between your scrotum and your anus.
My girlfriend always remembers to massage my maple bar when she's going down on me.
by ea belfair November 01, 2006
the area tween your genitals and pooper. The taint
My maple bar is like an itchy little bitch right now.
by aesop November 06, 2003
A solid turd that's round, long, looks, and smells like poop, but is, in fact, a maple bar.
<David> Zoe just ate a maple bar!
<Si> Gross! Where did she get it?
<Nick> She just dumped it in the tiolet, then fished it right out and munched it!
by Si & David August 30, 2006
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