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Pronunciation moul, maoul

1. A type of person who sleeps during the day and plays video games all night

2. The cross between a Madeline and an owl

3. Someone who completes around six video games over the course of a week

M - "Okay so me and Nate are going to sleep-"

D - "-together."

M - "...yes, anyway, we're going to sleep during the day and play video games at night for a week and beat around six."

N - "Yup."

D - "You're such a Maowl Mads!... you too Nate"
by Derek Lord of Gnomes May 12, 2009
A chinese student who studies during the night. Deriving from Mao (the chinese leader) and owl (the nocturnal bird).
I love exam time because the library is full of maowls.
by Mandaean January 06, 2011

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