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Skinny, weak male. Usually slouched over playing video games, or playing on the computer.
That Manzy kid hasn't got off his ass in 3 days.
by TeenageMutantFootClan February 20, 2010
Refering to a male, a manzy is generally a man that has done an uncommon queer task, and/or gesture.
Man: "Ow, I think I just got a paper cut on my penis hole!"

Man2: "Shut the Fuck up you Manzy and make me a sandwitch."
by UncleBadTouch April 17, 2006
A nickname for a girl.
Often derived from the names "Manasvini" "Manasa" or "Maisie"
It can also mean delicate and lighthearted.
Tina: "Hello whats your name?"
Manasa: "Manasa"
Tina: "How about we call you Manzy then?"
Manasa: "Ok"
by TheGirlWhoEatsPeople July 15, 2010
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