Not actually a real word. Just some idiot putting a z on the end of man to indicate more than one man, which should really be men.
"Yow Yow itz used by dem wite bois to diss us bad manz fo' sho"

Alternative: "Hey friends, those people were insulting us men"
by Prick #1 January 06, 2005
Top Definition
Just a word that boys that think their hard use instead of refering to themselves as "I"
"Manz got arrested!"
by E.J.G May 26, 2006
Friend, Buddy, Associate... somebody you are close to.
Yo, Remember the bull Sam back in the 2nd grade ? "Oh yea... that used to be my manz."

Shoutout to my main manz Erica !

You my friggin manz forreal dog, i love you !
by TreySongzLover April 15, 2011
Part man and part zebra. But most of all it was a man that had sex with a zebra.
This if for the people who want to know what Manz is.
by HumanTree July 03, 2012
for god sake but only for cool kids
you really shagged night nurse in the bathroom....? man z!
by ajg91 August 18, 2011
usually the last name for a male psychopath. sometimes has the first name of Kyle, Kelvin or Kevin. They usually seem cute and quite innocent until you truly know them. they usually enjoy strange hobbies like body building and seem to think they're better then anyone else due to the steroids they take. they have very hostile, obsessive and insensitive personalities. their interests are odd and because of their bipolar attitude, it makes it hard for them to be happy and or ever find a girlfriend. Due to the psychotic thoughts of a Manz they usually make few friends, and the few they have secretly hate him.
Stay away from K Manz he gets hostile when he doesn't work out and his friends told me he's really cocky
by Bwire January 18, 2011
Man. Particularly used for those with whom you are familiar. Associates, friends, etc. Also usable as a suffix on the end of first names and other nouns (see example)
"Whaddup my manz?" - "Dudemanz... how goes it?"
by Komodo May 29, 2003
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