a man that tries to hang out with girls at his school/workplace in the hopes that he will one day get into their pants
Look at Connor Duffy, he's such a man whore!
by Dav1d August 14, 2006
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A man who engulfs himself with numerous womanly affairs in search of trying to find someone. None of the females end up actually liking him because he is a tool and a douchebag who takes shitty mirror pictures in cardigans to try and be classy. (Failing)
Paul is a man whore.

And he is stinky.
by aconcernedniqqa December 31, 2011
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A "Man Whore" will do anything for money.

They usually find jobs with insurance companies, in politics, religion, dealing drugs or in prostitution.

A "Man Whore" would eat shit and say it tasted good if there was any money in it for him.

Hobbies and Passions of "Man Whores" include lying, stealing, cheating, and, sometimes, being obsessed with Fundamentalist Christianity.
Reiner is such a "Man Whore," he would eat a dog pooh and say it tasted good if someone gave him 100 Dollars.
by Amphitrite's Daughter October 30, 2013
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1. A male prostitute
2. Variation of "bastard", "idiot"
1. That manwhore over there just bit off my dick!
2. Get your own newspaper, you fucking manwhore
by ^__^ July 16, 2002
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Your dad is a man-whore.
by Travman November 12, 2002
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A male who has sex with a lot of woman
Mikhail, is a manwhore.

-signed his ex girlfriend.
by Mikhails ex gf April 12, 2011
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Out of the player, manwhore, and walking sti, the manwhore is the "middle man". This is an individual that doesn't want to bother with the complications that come with actual relationships, yet still wants to get laid by quality women (not to mention stay sexually safe). He desires quality, yet at the same time he wants quantity. The manwhore is often mistaken as player due to his charms and experiences, yet he often has too many sexual experiences to fall into the player category, and not enough "pure sex" relationships to be a walking sti. He is often the most harmful to females relationship-wise, as he will often develop a false connection with his victims, making them believe that he cares when he only seeks to cross them off of his hitlist. He usually seeks out unsuspecting females and is very sneaky in his approach. Should a woman begin to fall victim to his charms, her only chance for survival is from friends and past victims who can warn her of the manwhore.
G2: Are you kidding???? Stay away from him. He is a complete manwhore. He's lying to you; he is only telling you what he wants you to hear. I was with him for a while, but all he wants is to see how many girls he can hook up with over the year.
by nmns December 04, 2007
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