A man or boy who dates many girls and moves on within a few hours
Wow dan is such a manwhore.
by xx.elephants.xx January 26, 2015
A man that is being a hoe.

Other people say player instead.
He is being such a man whore.
Don't take a chance with that man whore.
by HitchHiking January 21, 2015
Worthington is such a man whore.

Yes you bucko, you.
by icyhot4u-_- July 06, 2014
Its chris nicolini
my boyfriend is a man whore hes always logged into every single chat site and im site you can think of 247
by his fucking girlfriend February 04, 2014
A man who is a whore.

('Whore' meaning someone who sleeps around with


Especially the ones who lurk in dark ally-ways...and everywhere else. They are extremely shady. You can spot them in school, the park, mini-vans, etc. They are usually Waterloo-ians.
Hoe: "Duda! Look at Dakota Schmitz with those girls!"

Asian: "I know right! What a Man-Whore!!!!"
by dakotaisawhore May 25, 2011
a person that will have sex with any and everything regardless of sex, or species. they will stop at nothing to get in ur pants.

Dude, is matt fucking that dog!
What a man whore!
by Trent F August 05, 2006
Male who cheats on his girlfriend with other girls.
Donnie cheated on his girlfriend five times which makes him a man whore
by Chris Short June 04, 2006

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