(Noun) 1. A "man" who has multiple sexual partners, frequently defined at Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, etc. etc.

2. A "man" who can't commit to one person, but will commit his dick to anything wet enough.

3. A "man" so dirty, even the Center for Disease Control won't touch him.
Justin: Well, let's see. Who should I pick to stick tonight? Eenie meenie miney ho.

80% of Female population: You're such a Man Whore.
by YouGotGronked87 November 28, 2011
A guy who has sex a lot and loves to flaunt himself;he is always thinking about sex, thinks he is great at having sex, and tries to sleep with almost every girl he meets; most likely has a kid and/or an STD
Omg my best friends new boyfriend is such a man-whore, he had sex with a differnt girl everyday last week!
by xo Nicole xo November 03, 2005
This is perhaps the most misunderstood insult for a male. A Manwhore is usually someone who spends his time with multiple girls for sex. Now, as I undestand it, such a person is a player; and should be respected by his fellow men. A man should never ever refer to his fellow men as a "manwhore" We shall refer to these people as "player", or "balla" or "omfg he's the most awesome cat ever"
I'm not a manwhore, I'm a girl farmer.
by Skinny dipping in Ohio August 09, 2005
A guy who jumps from girl to girl without remore. He's a Player that you should steer away from if its possible. He's a sweet talker and makes you believe whatever he says even when your heart tells you he's lying you can't leave him and give up. No matter what don't fall for a man whore, he will break your heart. Hes no good for you but if hes good at what he does, youll fall in love with him and you cant get away. He will text other girls while dating you and will constantly flirt, if theres one of the other girls around he will either ignore both of you or one of you to make the other person jealous.
Girl 1: He made me love him and broke my heart :'(
Girl 2: Dont worry hun, he's a cheating man whore!
by A.L.L.People December 02, 2011
An unjustifiable term created by women to degrade men because they are jealous.
"That boy is just a manwhore."
by Bryan Ferreira December 13, 2008
Boys who are sluts. He think's he's a playa, but he's just a manwhore.
I wouldn't date Ryan because he's a skanky manwhore.
by funkfunk April 12, 2006
An organization known in the northern central region of the United States in places like Illinois and Wisconsin. Much of the group is unknown, but it's members are usually hand picked. The group itself is fairly small, but range in a wide variety, spanning into different states, and into a few other countries. Membership is usually granted by a solving of a riddle, or just plain given, depending on the relationship. The title of Man-Whore is not a negative thing.
I solved the riddle, and now I'm an official Man-Whore.
by Empress August 04, 2005

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