The name is of a male who is very attractive(sexy, cute, hot, etc) but uses females for sexual pleasure
Steph: He used me...
Friend: Just forget him, Alex's a manwhore
by deadlymistress July 11, 2008
Tiger Woods
Me: Damn! Did you hear about Tiger Woods?
Other person: Yeah! He's such a manwhore
by ycervantes96 December 03, 2009
1.) A guy who goes from girl to girl, just for the sex. He sleeps with several different women and is not looking for any form of commitment.
(Anti-homophob Note: Gays can be manwhores too.. they just sleep with men instead =3)

2.) A guy who has a history of cheating.

3.) A guy who's just in it for the sex: no being tied down, will ditch as soon as the chick starts to get attached. Basically, they only want casual sex and no serious relationships of any sort.
That manwhore dumped me after I said I loved him.
That manwhore dumped me after I said I wanted to wait for marriage before having sex.
That manwhore cheated on me with three other sluts.
by Mali-chan April 14, 2006
A band created in Los Angeles in 2004 known for their hit song Cake and Cock.
I saw Man-whore, more commonly called MANWHORE, at the Whisky last night, and they were awesome!!
by AA Manwhore May 25, 2007
To be used as a term of endearment or used in a name-calling situation. Can be male or female.
Go to hell, you man-whore!
by Rachel December 10, 2002
A male who typically juggles "commitments" with multiple females at once, while engaging in non-committal sexual relations on the side.
1. That's the third woman he's had in his room this week. What a man whore!

2. Although each secretly strives to be a man whore, most men spend their time looking for just one woman to sleep with.
by buiyan April 25, 2006
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