A portmanteu of man and maintenance. Usually refers to the unspoken maintenance tasks some men perform or actions taken by a woman to keep her boyfriend.
Man I feel great after some mantenance today, shaved some body hair.

She has totally been slacking on her mantenance sex I am so gonna break up with her.
by zerokos December 15, 2009
Top Definition
Any form of male grooming.
"Yo dude, I gotta run. Gonna do some mantenance. Gotta be tough on the scruff!"
by joshinatorg January 29, 2009
1) A necessary, completely spontaneous, and very short masturbation session required to maintain mental stability.

2) The antidote for the random public boner.
Ben excused himself politely from Christmas dinner with the in-laws, to perform some much needed mantenance.

Chris acted like he was peeing, when in fact he was performing some mantenance, from an unexpected boner at the ballet.
by mantenance March 10, 2011
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