another term for parent.
my mant said im not allowed to go out tonight.
by dezpez November 01, 2007
Top Definition
(n) A rant or monologue that begins with the word or exclamation 'Man.'

(v) To go on a mant.
Person 1: "Man, I hate it when you're eating a creamsicle and you're trying to eat all the popsicle bits first so that you can enjoy the cream just by itself, but the cream ends up thawing in the process and sliding down the stick, thus getting all over your fingers."
Person 2: "Woah, chill. No need to mant about it."
by Fritz 'n Jade August 02, 2006
verb. to kill or hunt a lesbian for the purpose of game.
His homophobic instinct led him to mant the lesbian in the back with a spear.
by weirdpikachu August 01, 2004
When you have a gay male uncle who gets married to another man. One of them is your 'Mant'!
My Mant and Uncle are entering a sewing competition next weekend.
by OceansWiskers February 22, 2009
A long weekend away involving heavy drinking, recreational drug use, embarassing behavior, nudity, general debauchery and fun. Also can be a verb "manting" or past tense "manted".
Examples include summer beach mants and winter ski cabin mants.
by atdale November 10, 2009
(v) To Mant- is to spontaneously erupt with excitement and movement, generally in the form of awesome facial expressions and outlandish gestures of a positive nature. -for example high fives
His sudden ingestion of alcohol lead him to Mant for hours leading to confusion and sleepyness
by Kips April 25, 2009
n. Vulgar slang

The product of an incestuous rape.
"Look at bob over there. That fuck was brought to this earth in an incestuous rape. What a fucking gint!" "I think you mean, a fucking Mant."
by frankyb January 10, 2013
Mants: Testicles, Balls, awesome. Mants are another word for your chocolate salty ones that is new and refreshing (especially with a side of saliva -ladies you know what i mean). Mants is a word that sounds like its a mix of Man and pants or some other word but its really not and that's why the word itself is so intriguing. It's the word the super awesome Old Spice Guy has for his testicles so don't swan dive without them!
Dude lets tea-bag Javier" "No i cant my Mants are all cold and shriveled" "That's cool i was lying next to the heater so my Mants are hanging like a prostitutes Vagant" "Great lets go shame Javier
by killer-wabbits July 17, 2010
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