A girl that is someone's mom and aunt at the same time. So, it would be incest with their brother. Yeah, sick.
In Phelps, Wisconsin everyone's inbred so many kids have mants and a duncle.
by Chelzor April 12, 2006
Very horney. Practicing mantra.
Im so very very mants. serve it now.
by Annonymous April 12, 2005
another term for parent.
my mant said im not allowed to go out tonight.
by dezpez November 01, 2007
A Man Plant can be used for many things, it can be used as a decoration,self defense,a foot rest, and to hold objects. These are just a few uses. Man plants don't get watered....... they get washed off. They are mainly used as a centerpiece. A mant is very rare to come by and are extremely expensive.
Hey Nichole that plant over there is a mant.
by Joebig585 January 21, 2010
A nonviolent, non-pain inducing method of physically restraining a person who is otherwise physically combatant.
My teenage son (who suffers from ADHD) sometimes becomes violent, and when he does, I find that manting him is necessary to keep him safe from hurting himself. (Mant, manting)
by shosh453 May 01, 2016
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