A real or desperately invented answer by a man who feels that he must prove his manhood by trying to sound like he knows everything. The manswer is often a serious response to a casual question, to a joke, or to a general comment that requires no answer at all or is not directed toward the man.
She: "I just read that Guatemalan jaguars are attracted to Obsession for Men cologne."

He (driven to give a manswer): "Guatemalan jaguars are the felines closest genetically to cetaceans, so it's obvious that they're attracted to the ambergris in expensive colognes."
#male answer #manser #male ego answer #manhood boosting answer #manswer
by XXvsXY February 05, 2011
Top Definition
Answers to the questions men want answered.
A few questions that need manswers:
How long can a guy survive on beer alone?
What's the best way to kill a bear?
Can you die from taking a dump?
Do boobs float?
#manswer #answer #boobs #men #man #dump
by papa zaaaa November 01, 2007
A science based answer to a question that would be of interest to the male race. Inspired by the hit television show on SPIKE TV "MANswers." The questions usually are sceience, sex, and/or violence based.
Man did you see last night's MANswers. They discussed the biggest boobs in the world.
#guy #boobs #tv #titts #ass #science #concept #chicks #sex #trivia #spike tv
by Wayne Sampson, SPIKE TV-land June 13, 2008
A very manly answer.
Willy answered it like a man. The question was manswered.
by stephen September 14, 2005
The answer to a question that only a man would ask. Knowing the answer will score you points on your man card.
Question: What's the average bra size for women in the United States of America?

Manswer: 36C.
#man card #mancard #manswers #breast #bra size
by theKabob November 08, 2007
1.) Answer(s) that can only be sought from a man. Generally manswers are initiated from one man and directed towards another man, and provide advice on a manly topic.
I have to talk to my bro to get some real manswers.
#advice #male council #fraternal #manly #ant: womanswer
by Greyson December 11, 2007
when a guy gives you a one word answer, on texting or IMing or myspace/facebook.
these are manswers:
#man #answer #texting #im #myspace #facebook #one word
by rawr rawr time March 01, 2009
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