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flat ass, drooping, saggy boobs
Rose, put a shirt on, I don't want to see those scary floobs!
by Atia February 24, 2008
A loud Laugher is someone who wants everyone in the room to realize that something they are watching on television is funny, so they laugh all loud and obvious trying to get your attention.
Oscar was watching office space and started loud laughing to get Jenny's attention. Oscar was being a total loud laugher for attention.
by Atia February 21, 2008
when a gay guy, who is upset goes on a sexual escapade
His boyfriend was cheating on him , so steve went on an assbinge
by atia September 28, 2007
Manswers is derived from the word Man and Answer.
It is the way men have of answering serious questions women ask in a cavalier manner.
Woman : Honey have you ever hit on my friend.
Manswer: Why would I ever do that.

Woman: Whatever that's just another one of your Manswers.
by Atia February 27, 2008

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