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An extreme display of manliness or sudden outburst of testosterone-influenced brilliance.
Mike's feat of eating that huge sandwich was a true mansplosion.

Whoever created the beer cozy did so in a mansplosion of an inventing streak.
by Peter A. R. December 09, 2008
When a person ejaculates all over himself or somebody else!
I had a mansplosion all over Tyler Orchard's mom last night!
by Sum Kweer May 17, 2007
1.) an awesome occurrence of epic manliness, often rated on a scale of 1-10.
2.) a rapid increase in manly stuff
1.) dude, Old spice caused a man-splosion in my bathroom! it was a 9.5!
2.) there was a man-splosion in my garage
by thorsty November 15, 2010
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