1:(adj)Denotes a discussion or confession which is completely honest and completely confidential between all men present, usually 2 and usually inappropriate, sexual, and/or serious.

2:(v) to have such a discussion
Mike: Holy crap dude, this is totally manspeak, but i just banged Carl's sister.
James: WTF she's 17! and hot... I wont say anything, but goddam...

Carl: Mike, can i manspeak to you for a second?
by curlyhairedmofo June 17, 2007
Top Definition
A series of short guttural noises that convey a large amount of meaning between two or more members of the male species. (Warning: not understood by women, feminine males, or trannies)(c)
Boy: "Grunt"
Other Boy: "I totally understand"
Definiton of grunt:"I have had a bad day please leave me alone"

Ex: I cant understand you I am too sensitive to translate your manspeak
by ashton M March 20, 2008
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