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The vagina thereby belonging to a man. Commonly mistaken with an asshole thereby belonging to a man. Commonly mistaken with mangina. The visible mansnatch consists of labia minora, labia majora and clitoris.
Bruce fingered his mansnatch then lapped up the sweet juices from his ring finger.
by J-Ru August 03, 2003
The area on a man from his asshole to his ball sack, seen often in porno.
That porno was no good, all you saw was man snatch.
by The Dubber Jack Package November 15, 2010
A particular configuration of male genitalia. The testicles are sagging and their weight draws out two vertical ridges of wrinkled skin. The penis itself is small and shrunken, seeming unnaturally high in contrast to the dangling testicles. The whole configuration resembles a dried up hairy vagina with hideously swollen and bottom-heavy labia and a protruding, disfigured clitoris.
Guys who are still taking speed after they are 50 probably have a mansnatch.

I've gotta lose some weight, my cock is retreating into my mansnatch.

Dude, are you sure you're mum's a chick? I saw her in the shower and I'm pretty sure she had a mansnatch.
by Skinzabubble October 12, 2011
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