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(n) A man or woman who has substantial experience in working another person's penis
I've been licking dicks for over a decade now, I'm a snake charmer.
by J-Ru September 15, 2003
The vagina thereby belonging to a man. Commonly mistaken with an asshole thereby belonging to a man. Commonly mistaken with mangina. The visible mansnatch consists of labia minora, labia majora and clitoris.
Bruce fingered his mansnatch then lapped up the sweet juices from his ring finger.
by J-Ru August 03, 2003
What happens to a priest when he is accused and found guilty of touching young children.
Father Julian was defrocked after I accused him of fondling my genitals. He had abused me for 8 years, I didn't know any better. Shame on you Father Julian.
by J-Ru September 15, 2003
(n) The Penis
Lance was stroking his mansnake while watching Brett fist his own ass.
by J-Ru September 25, 2003
(v) To spontaneously defacate while ejaculating
Last night, Lorenzo was sucking my cock and I defi-jaculated all over his chest, some call this the cousin of the Cleveland Steamer.
by J-Ru October 15, 2003

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