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A group of four of truly incredible men. Similar to a quartet, except the collective awesomeness of a manpool is much greater than that of a quartet. The bonds connecting the members of a manpool are the same as the bonds that bind together two men in a bromance. Thus, in essence, a manpool is a specific form of a group bromance, or bro-orgy (common name: brorgy). Manpools generally form when its members decide to collectively travel together in a motor vehicle, especially in small, cheap, red foreign imports. If possible, the term "bro" is factored into the name of the manpool's favorite vehicle (e.g. a Toyota Matrix will become a Brotrix). Other characteristics of a manpool include a love of restaurants such as Pei Wei, In-n-Out, and Chipotle. Manpools can often be found patronizing restaurants with Coke Freestyles, playing absurd amounts of ping-pong, blasting Josh Groban, Andrea Bocelli, Michael Buble, Jon Lajoie, or other great artists. The most common hang out spot of a manpool is commonly known as a Mancave.
Wow, those four guys are really awesome. No wonder they are a manpool.
by ImReallyTall November 09, 2011
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