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The slang term for the city of Mancheseter (UK).
known to be the "Illist" city in the western world
and makes "compton looks like disney land"
Mannie = Manchester/gangchester/gunchester
"welcome to mannie! the city
where its gritty coz we all vicious"
by Night-Blade October 06, 2006
Divine Legendz Leader; Amazing loud funny man, and likes to tell it as it is no matter how much it hurts. and god like, super confident
He is such a Mannie
by isir00 November 23, 2010
an unusual person; someone who acts in a ridiculous way; someone who dumbly thinks other people care about what they are saying.
I can't believe JR just said that; he is such a MANNIE.
by stdoubleop December 31, 2007
My SeXiE DoMiNiCan/PuErTo RiCaN whoo iz soooo sooo flyy... n tha bessttt "significant other" ... anyone could evvvver have!!!
DaMn ... U got a 10 looks and a 10 personality ... u dunn pulled a MANNIE on mee
by ASH July 03, 2003