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A lady, often older, who is known for "helping" struggling men/boys loose their virginty

the female version of a virginkiller

made famous on the show How I Met Your Mother. Whom the character Barney lost his virginity too.
Guy1: Wow! You haven't lost your virginity!? you're 20 something!
Guy2: Yeah...its been hard you know.
Guy1: Allright, I'll get you hooked up with the Manmaker and she will help you out.

Guy2: Sweet!
by Gojirae July 03, 2009
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A man maker is an older girl or woman who has sexual relations with a young inexperienced boy, usually a freshman in a dorm room, and makes them into a man.
Kelly is a total man maker, that is the fourth freshman she hooked up with this semester.
by Law Student1313 October 17, 2011

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