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A town in New York State, a suburb of the city of Syracuse.

This town is most reminiscent of the fictional town of Stepford. It is fraught with families with immaculate homes and seemingly perfect families. However, its residents cloister themselves from the rest of humanity and eschew anything foreign or different to them. Parents in this town move here to shelter their children from the true realities of life.

Manlius residents usually possess the following traits:

1. Assholier-than-thou attitude
2. Disinterest in any topics outside of their pissant children
Guy #1 - What's that bitches problem?
Guy #2 - She didn't like that we were talking about Chappelle's Show. A Manlius bitch like her looks down upon his humor due to her racist preconceptions.
by Kanye Weston July 28, 2011
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Manlius is a suburb of Syracuse, NY. So in essence it's like saying you are the king and queen of Akron or Youngstown Ohio.... Proof positive that affluence does not equate to refinement, as most of these people who live in Manlius are basically products of blue-collar Syracuse who have managed to shelter their families from the racial and religious minorities and all the boogiemen they fear. As Stepford as they would like to convince themselves, people in southern New England would eat these utter douchebags for there really is vacancy between the ears here in Central NY outside of sports, booze, and shopping malls.. Racism and anti-semitism and other variables of narrow minded parochial folks (Bill O'Reilly school of pinhead thinking) are common and rampant here...basically all the bad facets of lower and middle class behavior that happen to live in the "best of a worst" situation in a rotting hellhole known as Central NY. As many like to say.."What's the difference between Manlius NY and Simsbury CT?".....about 100,000 after tax and three steps up on the evolutionary ladder....
Q...Manlius NY
A...Ah Tipperary Hill with Khaki pants.
by Red Quadrant December 22, 2013
(adjective) a word used to describe a person or people of a deeply perverse sexual nature, or an insatiable appetite for the lewd and the lascivious.
He gave her a manlius glance as she stood up and adjusted her halter top.
by Linus McSkully February 02, 2010

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