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the light of a heart
she is a manjot. she makes my heart smile
by nepzboi pratik July 01, 2010
The hottest girl alive. usually gives guys boners and she is a nice and loyal friend. She loves doing all nighters and is usually very friendly. If you date a Manjot, never let her go. It's rare to find her. She can make anyone smile. She is exciting, adventurous, sexy and outgoing. The way she looks at you can change your whole entire life. If you know a Manjot consider yourself very lucky. Manjot's are usually very crazy and get drunk and high often so beware. Don't unleash the inner Manjot cause you'll be in trouble.
by thebestxox May 25, 2014
The funniest, best looking, most affectionate and thought-provoking Indian Man you will ever meet in your life. These men are rare and are only found in certain parts if the world. If you come across a Manjot in your day-to-day life, you are very lucky and should marry him immediately.
Girl A: Omg! Did I tell you that I ran into a Manjot yesterday!

Girl B: You did?! You're sooo lucky! Marry him before you lose him!!

Girl A: Right! En route to the chapel!
by BunniesRule March 11, 2014
A manjot is your non typical indian girl. She lives to do crazy wild stuff and loves to be an instigator. If you've ever known a manjot you know she's not like any other girl. She's super hot (even when shes sick) and can often be found turning heads. When she's not doing that shes usually baking goods and watching romantic movies. A manjot is girl whose heart is gold and if you can date her you should never let her go, because if you do she'll probably go crazy on you. Beware the manjot. Although she's a beautiful girl you'll never meet again, she's sometimes wild and is hard to tame. Point of the story is a manjot is perfect the way she grows and you should love her as such. She'll be your bestfriend and everything you need.
Damn I fell inlove with a manjot .. im screwed.
by somerando February 24, 2015
A tinky mon who puts ants in a metal cup filled with water and serves it to people, unaware of the results.
Oh my gosh dude, your such a manjot!
by Psychotiik July 04, 2014
1. Ball Buster. 2. Lame 3. Party Crasher
1. If you ruin someone elses fun, and act like their mom. "Your a Manjot"

2. If your fucking a person in the middle of the night and they come in and complain that they are breaking curfew. "Your a Manjot"

3. If you purposefully try to blow someones high. "Your a Manjot"

4. If you Criticize PMW "Your a Manjot"

5. If you judge someone based on their "recreational activities" "Your a Manjot"
by N.A.M.S. April 11, 2010
Sampurn Pannu's mom.
Manjot just jotted that man again.
by afroman February 10, 2004

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