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Manly Anime = Manime

n., Anime that contains gratuitous amounts of violence, explosions, and men with massive biceps. Very iconic but is fading due to mainstream animes becoming more popular. See Naruto.

Not to be confused with yaoi. yaoi is for fangirls.
Fist of the North Star, Baki the Grappler, and Berserk are all examples of manime
by breenfood April 19, 2010
Manly animes, has nothing to do with cigarillos.
Doug likes MANime. Doug is not a cigarillo.
by EB dude March 21, 2009
n. an anime that features mostly dudes .
Manime is good for you.......if you're gay .
by djtypea September 17, 2011
A type of anime in which it exploits the use of engaging in gay sex betweem two males.
"DanoruX fisted Shadowcuz in the ass while jp_zero watched in that one manime episode."
by Sanchez "Taiwan" Groove May 31, 2007
Another term for yaoi.
Damned manime freaks!
by Rupert Pollard April 21, 2004

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