The Nickname for a bottle of hennessy aka henny.
My boy Miguel downed a whole bottle of "Mani" .
by NBmiggy August 11, 2010
a male menace. A man who causes annoying disturbances or violence.
That guy I was with last night was such a manis. He not only asked for my number ten times after I refused, he also destroyed my boyfriends car once he found out I was taken.
by BRIGEMI December 08, 2009
Short for manicure
I went to the nail salon and got a mani and pedi.
by SarahJoe04 November 10, 2013
someone who does stupid things frequently without any shame; originated from a guy named ANIMESH JINDAL
by sukrant November 29, 2011
super suave moderator of internet fora known for inventive and hilarious photoshops and his smooth way with the ladies
Don't post your real pic in that forum - someone might do a mani on you
by mani March 02, 2005
To pull a Manis:

To have purposely not completed work.
"Did you do the work?"
"Nah, I pulled a Manis."
by Camapily March 05, 2004
Arabic word for sperm
When Jim and Bob were hanging out, there was a lot of mani going on.
by mclovin22 December 02, 2008

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