Extension of the word mang.
Check out that chick, mango.
by bob April 07, 2003
Someone who's Awesome. Just like a Mango.
What's up Mango?
by Kizznez August 31, 2010
The act of riding ones bike with one foot, the other foot may be used to act as a force on the ground for acceleration.
Dude, look at that dude mango-ing!
by Mdindfinfdifn May 24, 2010
being excessively drunk
- Let's get MANGO!!!
- Last night, Sebastian was so damn mango, that he started yelling at those chicks at McDonald's
by cilliejean May 03, 2010
An expression which shows dissatisfaction with a complaining friend.

n. One who constantly demands a free pizza which is supposedly owed to him.
Mango: "Can we watch something else, I hate Scrubs."
Group: "Maaaannngooooo!"

Mango: "You guys owe me a pizza, I bought the last few"
by Brewheister February 12, 2010
A replacement for a cuss word
"Son of a mango!"
by mangogirl February 01, 2010
any women that is pretty as hell is considered a mango
i seen this girl at the club she was a mango.
by tru inc. January 23, 2010

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