An indica dominant strain of marijuana that comes from British Columbia, also known as BC Mango.
We lit up a bowl of mango and it had a nice fruity taste to it.
by renfield9302 May 02, 2008
A word used to describe attractive women from India, Pakistan & other South Asian nations. Normally lighter skinned but this is not a general rule.
Hey Noel, the club is full of mangos tonight, you better get down here!
by marso March 13, 2008
a dick / prick / cunt / bitch / faggot / nigger / someone who just plain sucks
1:"Did you hear about the mango that got jumped?"
2:"Oh fuck yeah, that shit was juicy!"
by Boob Saget January 13, 2008
a contraction, combining the words "man" and "ego." Used to decribe the inflamed, swollen mass that is the male ego. Can double as an adjective.
2.Some guys have a hard time receiving instruction from women. Blame the mango...

1.I'm training the new guy at work, and he's clearly having trouble. I'd offer up some tips, but he's gone all mango on me...
by Megmegmeg September 08, 2007
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