1. A Victorian device used for drying clothes.

2. To wreck or distort by applying force to it. For example, a colleague at work frequently mangles the English language by trying to speak it.
1. "I say, Edward! Have you ran my bloomers through the mangle yet, what?"

2. "I would like one pint of biter peas."
by Mr Ben February 09, 2005
Top Definition
1. At an angle, a woman's face looks like a man. Besides the angle(s), she is hot.

2. When looking at a chick from an angle (could be multiple angles), her face resembles those characteristics of a man.
Dude, would you still hook up with that chick at the bar, even though from here she has a mangle?

I first saw that chick from the lower right--she definitely has a mangle. Looking at her left side, I'd still hit that.
by Heiggins August 11, 2009
To injure with deep disorganizing wounds by cutting, tearing, or crushing.
I'm gonna mangle you a new one the size of texas!
by Junkyardjimbo88 April 28, 2003
1. A large industrial ironing machine that dry presses and folds flatwork or a small laundry wringer for domestic use.

2. To become horribly twisted and crushed or dismembered.

The word mangle was coined in the early 20th century after many of the first industrial ironers had crushed and dismembered those who got to close to the feeder end or chain drives of the machines.
"Ted lost part of an arm when he foolishly reached beyond the safety bar of the mangle to adjust a wrinkle in a bed sheet."
by T.Ractorhead December 03, 2006
The term used to describe pictures on myspace taken at angles, shortened from myspace angles to 'mangles'.
omg...all her pictures are total mangles.
by eizoh February 20, 2006
To perform a search on an online social networking site (like manhunt.net) for a specific type of man for dating or sex.
I mangled for a tall, hairy chested, muscle boy in New York City.
by MansManCT February 25, 2010
Referring to a deviant sexual act involving three men forming a makeshift triangle while giving one another fellatio
Man, Dave pre-drank before he came over last night and before I knew it he, Bryce and I made a mangle.

You think bro-rape is bad, my buddy got mangled last weekend.
by SweetSmoothDave July 10, 2008
The term used to describe pictures on myspace taken at angles, shortened from myspace angles to 'mangles'.
omg...her pictures are total mangles.
by eizoh February 21, 2006

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