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Noun - Derogatory term used to denote a peculiar breed of dork that has an annoyingly high interest in all things Manga. Mangadorks are often distinguishable from classic dorks by their predilection for Japanese, wearing cosplay, and a general tendency to lose sight of reality.
Often analogous to Wapanese.

Alternate meaning: In some mangadork circles this title is regarded as an honor.

Adj. - may describe any matter as it relates to excessive, rather than casual, involvement in Manga.

-Did you see that mangadork over there?

~The one wearing a Sailor Moon outfit?

-Uhm, no Fanboy. The guy she's with whose threatening us in Japanimese because he doesn't know Japanese and doesn't have the balls to say it in English.
by Rotivres December 04, 2007