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Noun - Derogatory term used to denote a peculiar breed of dork that has an annoyingly high interest in all things Manga. Mangadorks are often distinguishable from classic dorks by their predilection for Japanese, wearing cosplay, and a general tendency to lose sight of reality.
Often analogous to Wapanese.

Alternate meaning: In some mangadork circles this title is regarded as an honor.

Adj. - may describe any matter as it relates to excessive, rather than casual, involvement in Manga.

-Did you see that mangadork over there?

~The one wearing a Sailor Moon outfit?

-Uhm, no Fanboy. The guy she's with whose threatening us in Japanimese because he doesn't know Japanese and doesn't have the balls to say it in English.
by Rotivres December 04, 2007
1. Too good to talk about. A contraction of "Fantastic" and "Taboo."

2. I'm not saying anything because you'll get pissed.
1. Do you think anybody knows about that?

Fantaboo. We don't want anybody to. It'll be ruined if everybody knows.

2. What'd you get on the test?

Oh, fantaboo. We'll just leave it at that.
by Rotivres October 16, 2007
The "ideal" American residential community. More mythical than real; it refers (often with disdain) to a surface level picture perfect life.

So, have you met her parents yet?

Are you kidding? They live in Superbia. Her father wouldn't even acknowledge me.
by Rotivres October 17, 2007

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