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Northern California word for gross or something that's really fucked up.
Man that burrito I just ate was maney, I feel sick now.

Did you see the grill on that girl? It was maney, she needs some serious dental work.

The traffic on the Bay Bridge was maney.
by Malia April 27, 2004
northern calis' abreviation for maniac
we maney stupid out here in the bay
by Qu33n of th@ $up@ Dup@ Hyphy April 03, 2006
Maney is a snowman. Maney has low self esteem and problems fitting in. :( Maney was originally created on a white binder using whiteout and black pen, recreated onto a fingernail, and a story telling all about Maney's harsh life is currently in the works.
"I feel so bad for Maney, he is so troubled :("
by twilightgeekdom December 19, 2008
Another word for "Money".
"You got the maney man?"
by mitch rico May 15, 2003
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