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The level of capability for a group or organization to complete a task or set of tasks in a given amount of time.

Coined by my co-worker at a design review meeting with a supplier.

Could also be “manwidth.”
#1a: Brittany Spearsimage is in the tank. She needs to take some time off and revamp her style.
#1b: Dude, no PR firm in the world has the mandwidth to resurrect that hoochie.

#2a: I can’t handle any more group homework assignments, my group just doesn’t have the mandwidth to finish everything before finals.
by pihmpdaddi December 17, 2007
The maximum amount of manly things one can do in an allotted time-span.
Rick's Mandwidth allows him to do as many manly actions as he wants. However John's Mandwidth is capped at 1 MA/pm (Manly Actions Per Minute)
by BigPalooka1 July 06, 2011